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Prevet livestock services is a specialty veterinary company engaged in the development, manufacture and commercialization of veterinary products. Our quest is to improve the quality of your vet's life by enabling vet owners to do more, feel better and earn the best. We at Prevet dedicate ourselves to delivering innovative products that will help our cattle to live longer and healthier which will in turn provide better yield to their owners.

We focus on commercializing unique products and pioneering synergistic combination products in all the therapeutic segment. Committed to vet care since 2010 doing continuous improvement by identifying ways and means to simplify and improve things. PreVet Livestock services is a fully integrated veterinary company.Our focus on specially segments in India and simultaneous opening of new international market have been the key growth drivers for us over the years, we also engage in contract research with leading multinational veterinary company to expand our revenue base. Our team members have a flexible thinking by being open to different views and ideas and are driven to fulfill our MISSION a COMMITMENT TO SERVING GLOBAL VETERINARY HEALTHCARE NEED WITH EMPATHY…….INNOVATION…. & TECHNOLOGY by putting the Vet at center of every decision, building relationships with vet owners by building sincere and trustful relationship based on integrity.